Dr. Nicholas Wong wanted to be concierge from an early age, but chose instead to follow his head rather than his heart. He obtained his MD from Dalhousie Medical Shechool in Halifax, NS, and was finishing his Pediatrics residency in Calgary, AB when burned out in 2010.

After using western medicine to heal from his depression, anxiety, and suicidality for 2 years, Nick was able to pursue roles as a Genius for Apple and Medical Scientist for the Pharmaceutical industry.

The true path of awakening began in 2017 with the most intensive ontological coaching course in the world, Accomplishment coaching. The shifts in being obtained from this work, coupled later on with spirit plant medicine, have allowed Nick to connect to his heart and become a true man and healer. Since then Nick has worked with many individuals, primarily men, to end their own suffering, connect with their hearts, choose joy and create miracles. He has also given talks at The Living Room Series, and is available to speak with professionals about the beauty of burnout.

In 2019 Nick experienced the ceremonial work of Ivan and Lana Rados, and subsequently went on to partner with them as well as journey for three days one to one with Ivan on his Wild Zen adventure. This has formed the foundation for their growing partnership, his apprenticeship in intuitive healing, and the explosive growth of the Intronaut Ceremonies.

Most recently, Dr. Nick has continued on his healing journey, processing his trauma and healing from his lifelong asthma. By processing his grief, he went from 3 decades of extensive western medicine use (up to 5 different medications at a time) and multiple infections annually, to no medications, no infections, and more energy than he thought was possible. With this new ability to breathe, he has pursued conscious connected breathing, training as a Breathwave facilitator with Robin Clements. He has used this foundation to create his own Intronaut Breath modality, leading online ceremonies with both individuals and groups, and creating connection and community around the world. He has worked with Best-selling authors, CEOs, professionals, and many more from all walks of life. He also offers in person sessions in British Columbia, which combines the breath with his vibrational sound healing delivered through his Earth Tuned giant tuning forks.