Emily brings 17 years of corporate Human Resources experience in talent management and recruitment to her coaching practice. Her clients range from seasoned executives to emerging leaders in a wide range of industries including chemical, pharmaceutical, healthcare, financial services, not-for-profit and entertainment. Through a combination of coaching, relevant theory and practical experience of more than 3000 hours of individual and group work, Emily builds future business leaders who bring newfound value and positive impact to their careers, their teams and their companies at large. But it’s her passion, vision and empathy that set her apart. 

Emily’s ontological approach allows high performers to shift underlying beliefs and habits to find their sweet spot, that feeling of success when work aligns with core values. By examining thoughts and actions, clients gain clarity on their goals, separate emotion from decision-making, take calculated risks and understand the importance of leveraging strategic relationships. Emily is familiar with the many challenges executives face including time management, overwork and the potential for burnout. She is practiced in working with clients to make sure they are creating a balanced and meaningful life inside and outside of work by choosing where their time and energy is most needed and learning how to create the space for necessary self-care. Emily’s intuitive nature gets to the root of roadblocks, turning limiting viewpoints into transformative action. The result is increased productivity and engagement and overall career satisfaction. 


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AC Mentor Coach
TICC- Trauma Informed Certified Coach


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